The first hearing from the Epic Games and Apple War has come forward. The hearing is quite complex and it is in kind of support for both of them.

So today in the Northern District of California, US District Court Judge Yvonne Gonzales Rogers ordered that Apple won’t block the Epic’s Developer Account. Therefore, allowing Epic Games to continue their operations with Unreal Engine on iOS And Mac.

Epic Lawyer also argued that Fortnite should return to the store with their demands. However, the judge was not to keen about it, and said that Apple isn’t forced to add back Fortnite. According to him, Epic Must agree to their terms or else they can hold back. Apple Lawyers said that they can add back Fortnite if Epic Games will work with their policies and restore the game to the previous build where payments were going through the iOS Store.

“The record shows potential significant damage to both the Unreal Engine platform itself, and to the gaming industry generally, including on both third-party developers and gamers,” he said.

“The public context in which this injury arises differs significantly: not only has the underlying agreement not been breached, but the economy is in dire need of increasing avenues for creativity and innovation, not eliminating them.

“Epic Games and Apple are at liberty to litigate against each other, but their dispute should not create havoc to bystanders. Certainly, during the period of a temporary restraining order, the status quo in this regard should be maintained.”

So its good news for both parties, but I think Apple are clear winners here. They are allowed to work with their policies and if anyone breaches them, they can leave. The war is not over yet, as both parties will meet again on September 28. Apple is trying to remove Epic’s Developer Accounts while Epic will focus on getting Fortnite back with new changes.

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