The Epic and Apple War continues, as this time Epic Has asked Court to stop Apple’s retaliation against Epic Games. In simpler words, Epic Games has told Court that while they challenge Apple’s monopoly. Apple shouldn’t challenge its application and products on their platform.

In a tweet post, Epic Games wrote “Today we asked the Court to stop Apple’s retaliation against Epic for daring to challenge its unlawful restrictions while our antitrust case proceeds. This is a necessary step to free consumers and developers from Apple’s costly, anti-competitive control”

In the file, it mentioned “Apple is a monopolist. It controls all app distribution on iOS. It controls all in-app payment processing for digital content on iOS. It unlawfully maintains these two monopolies by explicitly prohibiting any competitive entry in either market. It is highly likely to lose this case.” 

Last week Apple removed Epic Game’s account from the store, but Epic was still allowed to carry on with its development. The case has still not ended, and it’ll continue until Judge has reached a conclusion. All the issue started, when Epic Games rolled a new update in Fortnite, that bypassed the 30% of Apple Commission. This was against the policy, and Fortnite was removed from the iOS Store.

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