Epic Games is celebrating Thanksgiving weekend, by giving players new items. The new event called Autumn Queen’s Quest has started, it is a community challenge that will give qualified players a free animated wrap.

In order to get the Falling Leaf Wrap, the player base has to work together as a community to reach the point goal before December 1st. The required points are 2.5 Billion. Epic Games say that you must play at least one match between 10 AM ET on November 28 and 8 pm ET on December 1 to be eligible for the reward. Additionally, if the goal is achieved, everyone will get their reward on December 6.

Earning points is simple! Perform any of the following actions to add points to the total goal to complete the Autumn Queen’s Quest. 

  • Heal allies with the Bandage Bazooka – 1 point per 1HP healed
  • Revive a teammate  – 2 points
  • Play a match with a Friend – 5 points 

You can track the total point progress at any time here. There are no unwanted guests this holiday, thanks to the entire Fortnite Fam for droppin in!

Based on the current live tracker, the points have reached 1.6 Billion. The event started yesterday at 7 am PT/10 AM ET. In my opinion, this target will be easily achieved by weekends, since most of the players are free on weekends. According to the current progress, this might be done tomorrow. Let’s do it guys! the skin is beautiful

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