Epic Games recently made a beautiful end to their Season 1. They introduced a black hole inside the game which swallowed everything. Afterward, the game was closed for everyone and Fortnite YouTube Channel started a live Black Hole video, which eventually changed into Season 2 after 36 hours.

Epic Games made a lot of excitement between players, however, one of their team members attempted to leak a trade secret related to Season 2. Epic Games filed a lawsuit on October 25 in District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina. The Person Ronaldo Sykes was a User Experience Tester at Epic Games. Sykes had signed a non-disclosure agreement which states that you cannot discuss any ongoing things with someone else.

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According to the filing, the leak could have severely reduced excitement and hype affiliated to the new Season. “Leaks negatively impact the financial performance of current and future versions of the game. They tend to lessen the excitement and enthusiasm of a game’s players and audience, potentially leading them to move to other games,” the filing said.

Epic Games official has not said anything about the ongoing Investigation. One of the spokespeople Brian Sharon said “We do not comment on pending litigation,”

Well, in my opinion, everything worked out for Epic Games considering that Season 2 launch was very viral. Nobody heard any leaks etc, and everything went well. Epic Games is taking a bit harsh decision for filing a case against him, they can consider other options.

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