Epic Games continue to amaze us with their incredible progress. Today we have news that Epic Games have more than 100 million users. The company rivalry with Steam gets more interesting, because Steam last year stats showed that they had 90 million users, and this news could be a bit challenging to them.

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We all know that Fortnite is one of the main sources behind this huge traffic. The game has generated a whopping $680 million revenue. Furthermore, Epic Says that $251 million from $680 million represents third-party game sales. Apart from Fortnite, Epic has made $23 million from coupons and discounts alone. We are also forgetting, that despite Epic Games making this much money, they are also giving a lot in return. Recently, they gave away 73 titles completely free, and those were claimed by almost 200 million players. We also have news that Epic Games is now extending the streak of free giveaways throughout 2020.

Despite Epic Games showing this much progress, we still know that Steam will be the first choice gaming store for another few years. Steam has generated more than $4 billion in revenue from game sales alone, these do not include micro transactions, DLCS, and other gifts. Steam is just a Rocket Launcher, and you can’t beat it with a pistol. Epic Games also offers a much more friendly split to the game publishers, comparing to steam.

Gamers will certainly enjoy the rivalry between these two, because the progress of Epic Games will drive Steam to do better, and this result in better content for gamers. I like Epic Games, and their recent progress is very stunning, however I am just a Steam person, and the Epic Game Store looks a bit weird to me. I’m hoping Steam will release their yearly sales report soon.

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