Many popular websites and account-based commerce now require two-factor authentication before you can log in to your account. Epic Games Store is also applying this initiative to its game store, however, it has a different purpose.

Two-factor authentication for free games

According to Epic Games, they want to add this feature for those who want to get Free Epic Store Games.

“Beginning today and ending on May 21, we will periodically require two-factor authentication prior to claiming free games on the Epic Games Store. We are making this change in an effort to encourage our players to take steps to strengthen their Epic account security.”

We recently heard about the Nintendo hacking scheme, where bots were used to buy available Nintendo’s. This made Nintendo go out of stock in just couple of days, and the real users were unable to get it.

Along with that, Nintendo faced another issue where 160,000 of its user’s accounts were accessed. They also encouraged their users to use two-factor authentication

It is pretty understandable why Epic Games Store is doing this for free games only. There must be bots that are getting unlimited copies of the free games, and these people are likely to be re-sellers.

Once they get hands-on 10 or 20 giveaway games, they have hundreds of accounts that are then sold to consumers.

Epic Games is giving Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Crashlands completely free. However, before you do that, active two-factor authentication. Here are the steps.

“In order to enable two-factor authentication, please head over to your Epic Games Account settings. Two-factor authentication can be used to help protect your account from unauthorized access by requiring you to enter a security code when you sign in. You can read a full how-to guide on enabling two-factor authentication here.”

Lastly, this initiative started yesterday on April 28 and it’ll be part of their requirement until May 21.

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