Wireless headphones are in fashion nowadays. They are not just great for listening songs but also for shattering the hearing too. Samsung galaxy buds update includes hands-free Bixby voice control, obviously great touch controls, provides good sound quality all the time.

Price and availability

They are available for $149, which is really reasonable and affordable. It is obviously cheaper than Apple’s air pods in UK, USA and Middle East.


Its Bluetooth profile is A2DP, AVRCP, HFP and its Bluetooth version is Bluetooth v5.0 (LE up to 2 Mbps).


It has an Accelerometer, Hall Sensor, Proximity sensor.

Physical specifications

Earbud dimension is 19.2 x 17.5 x 22.5 mm and its weight are 6 g. its case dimension is 26.5 x 70 x 38.8 mm and case weight are 40 g. Its durability is N/A.


Its standard battery capacity is 58 mAh and is not removeable. It is really amazing to know that its typical usage time is up to 6 hours. Another awesome feature is that the talk time/voice call is up to 5 hours. Samsung ear bud has a battery capacity(earbud) of 58mAh and battery capacity(case) of 252 mAh. Another amazing feature is that its standby time is up to 20 hours.


It really looks so engaging as it has silk white design having two ear buds and charging case. Obviously, kit look so smooth and shiny with wig tips for tight fit. There are three sizes; small, medium and large so that you have a variety to choose according to your size. They are really cautious when you put them in but they are so enjoyable and provide you comfort. They are so comfortable and even stays in your ears while you are dancing, head turning or bobbing, even if you are running. Another benefit that it will provide to you is that you can respond to calls or end it while working. One of its best features is that pearlescent material is used in its outer part which reflects light and makes a beautiful effect. Other than beauty, it actually acts as touch control, you can skip music, play or pause music, answer and end calls or can launch Samsung’s voice assistant Bixby on compatible devices.

Users can specialize the long press action for the Buds through Galaxy wearable, you can increase volume or can eve decrease volume according to your choice, can launch Bixby.

Touch controls are suitable obviously, you have to supremely exact with your taps by applying pressure on the flat part of bud. Another benefit is that when you are running or at gym, when your hand is less steady so there is trouble, so you will adapt this system after a certain time and will obviously get better.

Charging case

It’s really close packed, you can easily put in your pocket while you are listening your favorite song. If you are Samsung gear Icon X user, you will surely notice that the package is smaller here, you can easily notice difference when you will keep it in your pocket, as these are 30 percent smaller. The case is really well built, with snap shut lid and magnets that hold the buds in site when you are not using them. While on the outer side of case you will notice small LED, that will help you out to find out how much battery is left, while the LED inside will tell you how much batter earbuds have. While on your backside of case USB-C charge the port would be there from which you will be able to charge your case whenever you want to. The case enables that six hours batter life into seven hours which is really exciting for users.

Samsung Galaxy Wearable App let you know about the batter left out from the time you pulled them out from case but would not tell you about the charging of case as Apple Air pods tell, but don’t worry LED on the outer side will let you know. The most interesting thing is that they can be charged inside the case.

Features and performance

If you are Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus or Galaxy S10e users so pairing them up is really amazing experience quite similar as air pods connect with iPhone though connectivity is different among users as some experienced dropouts in connection and some experienced no connection while other experienced regularly. Most of issues are because of software updates which are sent by Samsung, obviously you will observe dropout if you are using them nearby other Bluetooth devices. No dropout is experienced by a recent update

Unlike Samsung previous buds, these are really very much surprising, disconcerting with good base, fit separation, music is always enjoyable whenever you will play it as they have been adjusted by audio experts. They are really best as they really have the best bass frequencies, which really is better when you listen bass tracks like Billie Eilish’s ‘Bury A Friend’. You feel perfectly in your chest which is not usual for true wireless earbuds.

It really provides you natural sound, after listening tracks you will surely find out that you want to listen more songs, like if you like bass tracks you will be carving for the Galaxy Buds sound. Obviously, it’s way better then headphones, as they don’t offer that noise isolation, you will be really impressed by its sound quality.

Samsung galaxy buds app

An extra feature user can find out in Galaxy Wearable app, including an equalizer, which allows you to switch between different presets, including ‘Bass Boost; as different presets have different effects which users will obviously find amusing. Users can also switch t ambient sound feature, that will mix with background noise, you can carry it while running if you want to enjoy outward noise for safety. It will make you attentive by increasing nearby noise without effecting your music quality so that it will keep you away from any kind of trouble, really a useful feature.

While if you lost your ear buds so you can find them by using Find My Earbuds feature that will help you in tracking them. When you will use this feature so Galaxy Buds play a sound which let you find them speedily

Final verdict

Galaxy Buds are in serious competition with Apple Air pods as they really have very good quality of sound, an amazing design, secure, easy to use and are really very comfortable. That opalescent effect on outer side and sooth designing of the case seems really very cool.

Sound offered by buds is very deep and of a standard. The battery life is really very impressive and other then that the connectivity issues which people were facing are now resolved by recent update.

While app enables users to enjoy the rest of its features like ambient sound and equalizer presets. If you are Samsung users so these buds will really fascinate you.