Bioware and EA have been quite indefinite regarding the details about their upcoming shooter “Anthem” from the beginning, it was shown off at E3 2017 after more reveals and trailers, lots of fans have questions regarding the gameplay, genre and game mechanics of Anthem.

No Cross-Play

So, to address the questions of the fans, Anthem’s Executive Producer Mark Darrah started answering a ton of fan questions regarding the game. In the unprepared “Ask Me Anything” session on Twitter in which Darrah confirmed that there won’t be any cross-play available at the launch of the game.

Cross-play is certainly a concern for gamers at the moment since a lot of game developers are working hard to indulge all kinds of platforms together bringing the community together.

While players expectations got a little bit of the hit, there’s still some light of hope down the hill because Darrah stated that “There won’t be any cross-platform feature at launch”, who knows we might be getting a cross-play feature after the launch of the game. This would be a step in the right direction for all of the platforms.

The good thing is, Darrah is still answering questions on his Twitter account, So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and shoot a tweet at Darrah if you’ve any concerns regarding the game.