Designed mainly for Apple users, Exit the Gungeon will also be released for other platforms this year. The game was a good hit on Apple Arcade, mainly due to its funky and awesome gameplay. Players have one thing to do, and that is climbing, afterward, they will try their best to escape.

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Furthermore, Enter the Gungeon has sold more than three million copies, which is quite remarkable. Doge Roll Games announced on Twitter that Enter The Gungeon will also be released on PC & Console.”Excited to release House of the Gundead to arcades and Exit the Gungeon on PC and consoles early this year!”.

Enter the Gungeon is very a fun and short game. It was originally developed by Dodge Roll Games and Single-core Games. You can expect superfast gameplay with a lot of things going on, and it is quite competitive. I hope this sort of mini-game is well optimized for PC.