Nvidia’s new list of GPUs for laptops could begin in 2019 with a potential announcement at CES in January, according to an unidentified source declaiming to Wccftech.

The news implies that the lineup will incorporate the RTX 2070 Mobility, RTX 2070 Max-Q Mobility, RTX 2060 Ti Mobility, RTX 2060 Mobility, RTX 2050 Ti Mobility and RTX 2050 Mobility. The RTX 2080 Max-Q is expected to release a bit later, according to the report.

There are some analyses to be suspicious, including the absence of a 2060 Max-Q and the addition of a 2060 Ti. There was no xx60 Ti in both the 900 or 1000 series. Neither is incapacitating, but they don’t resemble existing trends. The other significant grain of salt to take is the naming scheme; Wccftech didn’t explicitly name them as RTX cards, so it’s possible we may see GTX labeling return. Both way, take these reports as serious rumors.

If the article is correct, only the RTX 2080 and RTX 2070 will have Max-Q models, which are expected to run more efficiently in terms of power usage, thermals, and design.

But if these chips do arrive early in 2019, the CES trade show in Las Vegas would probably be the place for it to happen. We’ll surely keep everyone updated.