Well, times and times again we have seen that Apple isn’t a big of a change and they like to limit their consumers with their own eco-system. We have seen this with their hardware that is entirely made to support Apple devices only. For Example, Apple watch only seems to work properly with Iphones, and with other devices its support is bad. Likewise, the Macbook makes no sense if you have no iPhone.

That was one thing, but who expected Apple to deny Microsoft. Recently, Apply gave a statement saying they would not allow Project xCloud on iOS. Microsoft replied back to Apply saying that they were denying consumers from cloud gaming and game subscription services.

“the only general purpose platform to deny consumers from cloud gaming and game subscription services like Xbox Game Pass,”.

Now Facebook, which recently joined hands with Microsoft in their new project of Facebook Streaming has come forward to speak a few words in favor of their ally. Facebook in a statement to The Verge spoke about their Gaming App.

“Unfortunately, we had to remove gameplay functionality entirely in order to get Apple’s approval on the standalone Facebook Gaming app — meaning iOS users have an inferior experience to those using Android. We’re staying focused on building communities for the more than 380 million people who play games on Facebook every month — whether Apple allows it in a standalone app or not.”

“This is shared pain across the games industry, which ultimately hurts players and devs and severely hamstrings innovation on mobile for other types of formats, like cloud gaming.”

Well, Microsoft will do everything to ensure their App is launched on iOS. For this purpose, they have begun a petition that could convince Facebook of their Project xCloud and many more. We’ll see how Apple replies to Facebook, and give a clear statement to its fans who are also upset by their decision.

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