Facebook released an app named ‘Lasso‘ on both iOS and Android yesterday to compete with the growing popularity of ‘Tik-Tok‘, an app which lets you record yourself dancing, or lip-syncing to your favorite tune. Lasso is a social-platform of short-video among teens. You can also follow your favorite ‘Lasso’ content creators.

Facebook, the Silicon Valley company has also been disconcerted about copying other company’s features or ideas. Facebook also united status stories on both Instagram and Facebook as the main play against Snapchat.

Facebook has also been relatively quiet silent about the Lasso. There were no official statements on Lasso’s website. It was only announced on Twitter by Facebook product manager Andy Huang. Later Bowen Pan, the product manager for Lasso individually twitted for Lasso especially.

‘Lasso’ has been targetted for the younger teen audience to win among them. Facebook and Instagram weren’t losing teens completely, Instagram passed Snapchat as the most-used app among Against teens. And because Lasso is owned by Facebook, it builds well in the eco-system. You can sign in to Lasso using your Instagram or Facebook account, you can also share your videos from Lasso to Instagram or Facebook feed/stories. You can try Lasso now on iOS and Android by clicking on the hyperlinks. However, its region-locked to the only US as for now.

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