The latest and the greatest, yet the most anticipated news for the fans and gamers in eSports of U.K is that the well renowned and the biggest online multiplayer platform FACEIT is going to host their first Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS: GO) Major in SSE Arena Wembley, U.K this year.

CSGO takes almost 80% of the esports audience’s attention in its majors. Image Credit:

FACEIT has hosted many online tournaments, and have been successful throughout the years. It’s about time we saw a big step from FACEIT, taking it to the next level and hosting a major of CS: GO which was well anticipated from the players and fans of CSGO community for a long time. They have a good amount of experience of hosting tournaments and have a wide range of games available on their online platforms such as CSGO, Dota2, Rocket league, Smite and Team Fortress 2. The major is going to be the best out there considering the fact that FACEIT has a lot of experience in hosting online tournaments on a professional level in the past. In fact, the FACEIT platform itself is the best free to play PUG (pickup-game) platform that is currently available for the eSports community at the moment.

FACEIT will be hosting the group stages, qualifiers and the finals all on its own platform sponsored by Valve, the creators of CSGO. Currently FACEIT has not announced the time and schedule of the qualifiers. As days move further, we will surely see some announcement from them until then we just have to wait for the hype to start. The major however, will be held for 4 days, one day more than the previous major which means teams will not have to play two games in one day, this will help in solving the complaint that some of the teams had in the last major such as SK Gaming situation where they had to play two best of three matches in one day.

Fnatic enjoying their victory in a previous FACEIT CS:GO League Season at DreamHack Open Winter. Image Credit: Dreamhack

This particular major’s finals will start from September 20th till 23rd, the maximum number of available team slots are 24 however, these 24 teams will compete for the glorious $1 million prize pool, going through the qualifier stages to the finals.

Live broadcasting for the viewing experience of the fans who can’t reach the venue will also be streamed. The teams will face off for the title of the major which will be their biggest goal and the prime stage for showing off their skills considering the fact that there have been only twelve CSGO majors so far.

The tickets for the FACEIT London Major will be accessible for purchase on April 2nd.