Released earlier this year in February 2020 across PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has now sold more than two million copies on Steam in just a week.

The game arrived to Steam on 4 August, and since then it has just been improving. The news was confirmed by Devolver Digital, who tweeted on twitter “The incredible team at Mediatonic and the super chill Fall Guys community have put up some wild numbers in just one week, Big thanks to all for all the great jellybean vibes.”

Other than this, the tweet also confirms that more than 1,500,000 Crowns have been Grabbed. Along with that, 23,000,000 hours of Fall Guys have been watched on Twitch by players. More than 60,000,000 guys have fallen. The stats are pretty impressive, but let me remind you that the game’s reputation on Steam is incredible.

Just under a week, the game has nearly 40,000 Reviews on Steam, and all of them are Mostly Positive. Looking at these factors, I guess its time for everyone to jump in 60 players’ chaotic map, and look after themselves. Fall Guys is really casual and unlike other Battle Royale Games, where there is just so much competition. Fallout completely emphasis on having 24/7 Fun with its fantastic gameplay. The game also has extra content, so once you get going. There is a lot to explore and look after.

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