Fall Guys which is having an absolute blast of a year on Steam has now raised $1 million for Special Effect Charity. This company helps gamers with disabilities, and Fall Guys have now handed them a combined donation of $1,000,000.

This donation didn’t come out of the blue. Fall Guys announced that players or brands who bid the highest money will be able to get their own Fall Guys Skin in the game. The highest bidder will be able to get his skin, and all the money will be given away to charity.

The competition was really hot and a lot of big brands, teams, players, streamers, and nearly everyone joined up. Bids started from just a few hundred dollars to thousands and now at the end of the day, we have a million figure. The final bid was done by Ninja, G2 ESports, Mr Beast, and Aim Lab. They doubled the bid in the last moments, and everyone was speechless. If you want to donate some money for this wonderful charity site. Proceed to this site and there are few ways to do it.

It’s crazy how a game recently released is now raising millions for charity. What amazes me is that all they offered was an in-game Skin and everyone went mad, bidding insane huge sums of money. Team Ninja was pretty smart for gathering all investors in one team and bidding the most money.

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