Analyst company Super Data says that Fall Guys has made a huge amount of money for Devolver Digital.

According to Super Data, the game had the highest-earning launch than any PC title since 2016. Super Data says it had made $185 million during launch on PC. It also says that Fall Guys was free to play “PlayStation Plus subscribers, but 8.2M players still paid for the PC version.”

This is quite huge, I really mean it. Firstly, Devolver Digital isn’t the most major of developers, when it comes to Gaming. Other than this, they are a pretty small team and them doing such a huge miracle is interesting. The gameplay of Fall Guys is what separates it from the rest of the crowd. The game has wipeout like charisma, where gameplay looks absolutely laughable. It is a battle royale, and Twitch has absolutely loved it. The good thing about Fall Guys is that game is super competitive, but at the same time, there is nothing to lose. Whenever you play the game, it is all fun.