Bestheda - Fallout 76

Recently, a rumor took place suggesting that Bethesda will make Fallout 76 a free-to-play game. Along with fans, YouTubers also made videos speculating that game is going to be free in some time. Fans talked about how the physical copies of the game were running out of stock that, later on, got debunked.

Now, Fallout 76 might be considered one of the biggest letdowns of 2018 but the rumor of it going free-to-play is nonsense. Nonetheless, Bethesda replied to an upset fan on twitter that the rumor was nothing more than a lie.

If Bethesda hadn’t addressed the situation, it would have caused more turmoil. However, Fallout 76 might go free-to-play in the future who knows. Anyway, Bethesda hasn’t said anything further than that statement on Twitter, and it seems like there isn’t much more to say.

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