Fallout 76 was the No Man’s Sky of 2018, it was super hyped up and everyone was really excited for it. They should a lot of promise at E3 2018. But upon release, it was a hot mess of bugs, it was poorly optimized, players would stutter during the whole game, making it unplayable, and the launch was miserable. This was by far the biggest failure for Bethesda throughout their whole career.

Anyways, enough with our little rant, let’s move on to the interactive map. Despite Fallout 76’s having a miserable launch and being buggy, there are still players who enjoyed the game and want to aim for 100 percent completion. The players were looking for a map to make the journey to the 100 percent completion easier, well they are in luck because there is an interactive map.

Screenshot (10)

This is what the map looks like, but if you want to see it in action then head over to fo76map. It shows everything that you need to do and collect for 100 percent completion. There was a map just like this made for Red Dead Redemption 2, which players deemed to be very helpful.