Fallout 76 camps are quite entertaining, you can have friends over and enjoy doing anything you want. Players also store their gear and items inside the Camps with a cup of tea to enjoy the break. However, this recent ideology created by players have changed it completely.

Players use it as a death trap and loot others with camp acting as bait. Now, there is an advanced maths test involved before kidnapped victims can try to leave the camp. That does sound exciting and scary. A Fallout 76 player on Reddit made a post sharing his brilliant math trap idea.

The player Valty010manguy made a proper school with desks, chairs, boards, and lockers. Afterward, he made a suspicious room near a class, which had a torture room written over it. Players who were curious about this room once entered it and could never leave, because the door automatically locked itself from outside. After that, the fun part starts.

Players who are trapped read the rules on wall, which say
“Keep calm”
“Do math”
“Open door to live”
“Use keypad”

Now players have to figure out a 4-digit key code to open the door. However, once the player reads the board, there is fire dropped all over the room and now the player has to play against time before solving the math.

Additionally, players have to solve the math question fast and enter the code, hence they could be saved. However, those who are not able to answer the question cannot escape it. The genius kidnapper has placed a boat fly above the room, which extends the damage and blocks fast travel continuously.

The exciting part about this whole terrific School Math Camp is that the kidnapper is able to witness everything. He is using emojis to tease the players, and there is literally so much fun you can have. Furthermore, fellow Fallout 76 players have also appreciated his work, and this school camp has certainly become a trend for an ultimate trap strategy. This is quite a genius idea for a kidnapping hub.

Source: I trapped players in a room and tortured them with the most heinous thing I could think of: Math

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