Fallout 76 was one of the few games I was eagerly waiting for, however, upon release it left me complete stupid. The game was full of bugs and it was unplayable. Bethesda made a big game complete flop after they failed to fix a game in almost a year. Fallout 76 is utterly lost, there is a minor player base and the game is still lacking a lot of things. Bethesda, however, lost a lot of money to fix it.

Now we hear it from Bethesda that a new Fallout 1st Update is rolling. Players will have to pay $13 for a premium membership. Bethesda is going to give the premium members some features, that I believe are not worth buying

The Update described as Fallout 1st will offer premium members some special features. Premium members will be able to play in a private world with maximum seven friends. Additionally, Scrapbox is now a thing, players will be able to store unlimited crafting items in this box. Survival tent is also introduced, which will allow players to travel with their items. Furthermore, premium members will be given 1,650 atoms per month, which can be used to buy stuff from Atomic shop. Other features include Ranger Armour Outfit, Icons, and Emotes.

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While everyone waited for Bethesda to rely on their statement, this did not exactly happen. Here is the statement from Bethesda.
“There’s always going to be new content, changes in game balance, whatever it takes, and by the way, it’s all free after launch – all our content, there’s no season pass and no paid DLCs.

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Well, this didn’t age well. People paid $60 for this buggy game and now they are asking an additional $13 for pure joy. The community did not take this lightly, most Fallout 76 forums are full of complaints. Fallout 76 sub-reddit and Steam Community is just a massive protest which might hurt Bethesda.

This is not it, numerous complains from players suggested that they are facing new bugs with the update. Well, this game is never going to get fixed, is it?
In my opinion, sooner or later Fallout 76 along with Anthem are going downhill. These games were a total disaster, despite the loyal fans still supporting it.

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