Followed by Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon which was totally another game added up to Far Cry franchise after the 3rd installmentĀ in the series. Far Cry 5 is as reported and referred by the trailer, is getting a Zombie mode, Vietnam survival, Far Cry 3 classic edition and Rescue mode and space DLC called “Lost on Mars”. There will be a complete season pass edition for Far Cry 5 which will include all these 3rd party add-ons.

Zombie mode (Dead Living Zombies DLC) is always been a most played and demanding mode in all first-person shooters, So people can shoot pathetic things on will!. Far Cry 5 already has goons which behave like zombies having some nitro possession which drives them crazy and made them to move aggressively. There only need a costume for them to appear like proper zombies.

The VietnamĀ Survival mode (Hours of Darkness DLC) is another Far Cry 5 environment with different foes having different language and keeping our alleys as hostages which we ought to rescue and possibly get out of there in the end.

Lost on Mars is very interesting and plot twisting DLC to play, as it resumes the Blood Dragon phenomenon but this time there will be more quick action out there because of “Pew Pew” kind of shooting to make a skirmish on Planet Mars with their residents!

Far Cry 3 Classic edition is the whole Far Cry 3 game playable as excluded, wielding some next-gen enhancements and same insanity brought by the most lovable villain of all time “Vaas Montenegro”.

Note: All these “The Best of Far Cry” will be available as a whole with Season Pass bundle. Or available independently.