Developer Giants Software made the announcement that Farming Simulator will be venturing into esports with the Farming Simulator League.

There will be around $280,000 worth of rewards that will span across 10 different tournaments that will be held throughout the year. Following the success from last year’s Farming Simulator Championships, the franchise will be getting its very own esports league. Towards the end of the year, the top teams will then fight it out for a $100,000 prize.

We have lots of eSports enthusiasts in our company who can’t wait to show the world that farming can indeed be fun and competitive at the same time. We believe we found the right mix of real farming and fun to play game elements to ensure everyone will find it entertaining.” said Christian Ammann, CEO of Giants Software and Manager of the esports division.

Farming Simulator is not a traditional game that has an esports ring or appeal to the name or the gameplay style that it follows. However, there are players that play Farming Simulator competitively and it is a great initiative by the developer team to acknowledge the fact and take interest by supporting the players that do want to play the game competitively at a higher level with an esports league of their own.

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