Customer data of almost all Pakistani banks were stolen last month, reported emerged from the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). Director of FIA Cyber-Crimes wing, Captain Mohammad Shoaib stated that “Almost all [Pakistani] banks’ data has been breached. According to the reports that we have, most of the banks have been affected,” He also declared that the hackers placed a new dump of Pakistani Credit and Debit Cards in the Dark Web for sell, following a recent report from global cybersecurity firm. He also further added that “More than 100 cases of cyber-attack have been registered with the FIA and are under investigation. We have made several arrests in the case, including that of an international gang last month”. And he lastly said that the bank is liable to ensure the security of their customer’s data.

By the end of Octobers last week, about 6 Pakistani major banks canceled usage of their credit and debit cards outside Pakistan. Bank Islami, a major Pakistan bank, also reported that last week hackers drawed-out at 2.6 million PKR from its accounts. A text message from Banks was sent to the customers which said: “Due to system maintenance and security precaution your debit card has been temporarily disabled for international ATM cash withdrawal, POS and e-commerce.”

A statement alleged that almost 11,000 debit and credit cards of 22 banks were sold on the Deep-Web. 1 Credit card selling at about $100 – $160 and just when people though the breach is over, on 31st October, another large dump was posted on the dark web.

Hacked data on the deep web was available in two forms, text-based data with name, address, card data including the CVV2 and expiry date which can be used to make online purchases and the other form was skimmed dumps which can be used physically at an ATM or merchant machine.

PakCERT Threat Intelligence Report :

You can read the full report if you want to by clicking on this hyperlink here.

Screenshot of the 1st Dump as per the PakCERT Threat Intelligence Report
Screenshot of the 2nd Dump as per the PakCERT Threat Intelligence Report


Screenshot of 1st dump
Types of cards in the Darknet Dump
Types of cards in the Darknet Dump


You can enable the two-factor authentication, so whenever you make an international purchase, you get a code on your phone to proceed with the transition, and I guess that’s one way to protect your credit card from being used by someone for illegal online purchases.


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