EA Sports FIFA on Twitter announced the official release date and also announced that FIFA 20 would have it’s full uncover during the EA Play Livestream beginning tomorrow. It is more likely that FIFA 20 would be coming to all platforms same as FIFA 19 which were PS4, PC, Xbox One. The official release date of the game is September 27, 2019.

Moreover, there is a lot of improvements made in FIFA 20 as compared to FIFA 19. Loads of work is being done on making shooting and passing more realistic than ever before. Easy passes will be more accurate. The driven pass-and-go and he dinked pass; the two new pass options will also be introduced.

Nonetheless, EA will announce further details about the game on tomorrow’s EA Play Livestream. The FIFA 20 portion of that live stream is set to start on June 8 at 11 AM PT, 4 AM AET on June 9.

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