Just a day ago, Valve announced that there will be a "refined version" of Dust_2 coming to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. And today, the devs behind CS: GO have revealed a picture giving a closer look at the bomb site B.

Having a look at the picture, we can see that the remake looks like an abandoned place. The walls of the platform have been replaced by a wooden wall. The double box just beside the platform doesn't seem to have a separator which may mean you won't be able to climb there.

Dust_2 Bombsite B

As for the B entrance, it seems there's some light source inside the tunnel. And the boost spot just outside the tunnel has been lowered which means you will be spotted easily once someone enters bombsite B from the tunnel.

We still have the barrels on the platform and there are still boxes for the access to "Window" and the car to behind behind is still there. Also, there seems to be a border on the ground indicating the area where you can plant the bomb.

So how does the new Dust_2 looks like to you? Tell us in comments below.