Xbox has announced on Twitter that Xbox Series X first look into the next-gen gameplay will happen at 8 AM PDT/11 am EDT / 4 pm BST on Thursday, May 7. We will get to see games featured for Xbox from various “global developing partners”. These games might be played, so that would be fascinating, seeing upcoming Xbox Series X in action.

PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X

We have already heard about the massive debate between Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Both consoles have their pros/cons however Xbox easily leads when it comes to raw specifications. The PlayStation 5 is said to have superior SSD, which will make a huge difference.

Crytek developer Ali Salehi, told Persian site that PlayStation 5 was much better than Xbox Series X. He made several remarks supporting his point of view, however, that interview was taken down. Crytek would want their company to be neutral, maybe that’s why.

Similarly, Halo co-creator also shared his opinion saying that PlayStation 5 SSD will make a significant difference for developers. There is a lot coming from developers supporting the Playstation 5 SSD superiority. Everyone was shocked when Former PlayStation developer said that Xbox Series X was a total beast comparing PlayStation 5. He also wrote

“I’m sure that’s going to cause a stir with a lot of people out there for me saying that, but there was confidence from Microsoft and Xbox in what they’ve put together, you only had to see that with Phil [Spencer] when he started talking about the PS5 reveal and they kind of knew that they’d made the right choices.”

We look forward to clear winner in the coming months, as their release dates get closer. Both Companies confirmed that their production line was unaffected by the Coronavirus. Sony wrote that their factories in China were back to work, and ones in Malasiya need more time to operate.

Let’s look forward to first gameplay on the Xbox Series X on 7th May.

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