Recently, a Christopher Nolan Tenet was teased in Fortnite. This was an indication to an upcoming event or something from Christopher Nolan. Fortnite has done a lot of events in the past. They recently hosted Traviss Scott astronomical event, that broke Fortnite’s concurrent playerbase record.

Coming back to the topic, Geoff Keighley who is currently hosting the Summer Gaming event, interviewed John David Washington. John revealed that there will be a full-length feature film in Fortnite. He also tweeted this.

Geoff says there will be an iconic movie, so we might be looking at The Dark Knight, The Prestige, Memento, Insomnia, Dunkirk, Inception, or Interstellar. I’d love to see Inception, Interstellar, or The Prestidge because they all leave you clueless after the film ends. It would be epic, watching it with everyone else.

However, this might not happen, because Epic and DC have had a lot of collabs. Previously, they hosted a Batman’s 80th Anniversary, and also promoted Birds of Prey Film. There are high chances a batman film will show up.

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