Fortnite fumbles with X-box One and PS4 crossplay again

In a parody to their juggles last year, Fortnite fudge with X-box One and PS4 cross play once again.


In September 2017, Fortnite sanctioned inter-platform cross play for X-box One and PS4 users. Though, this blessing was afforded for only a brief period of time, it was rejoiced all around the world. Unfortunately, the developers of the game: Epic Games, later renounced the feature like a drunken mistake and attributed the update to a configuration error.


Considering the rivalry between Sony and X-box, the issue was scandalous and caught the attention of some. To add suspense to the story, Fortnite creative director Donald Mustard vouched support for crossplay at recent Game Awards, saying:

“Gamers want crossplay, and we at Epic are committed to doing whatever it takes to make that happen. Players deserve it.”

Was this a ploy from Fortnite or an accident?

It is unclear whether the sudden availability was intentional or caused by accident. Nevertheless, it is happening again.
Fortnite players are reporting traces of some form of crossplay initiated during gameplay. For instance, a Redditor claimed that he observed a player exhibiting an premier PS4 Constructor skin in an X-box lobby.

Initially, the game was released as a paid early access title for Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

X-box One players have also caught some of their opponents branding a hyphen in their game-tags, a feature only warranted to PC gamers. It is true, the game officially supports crossplay between PS4 and PCs but oddly, not between PS4 and X-box One. Currently, Epic Games still has to explain the bemusing phenomenon to its gaming community.


We have to wait and see whether the crossplay is turned on for good or not. The X-box management had welcomed the previous ‘accident’. After the eventual interruption, X-box boss Phil Spencer had tweeted that he preferred Epic Games leaving it on. This was not the first time Phil Spencer had expressed his opinion for the inclusion, he has called out in favor for crossplay several times.

Evidently, the only stumble in the road towards crossplay is Sony. PlayStation 4 already boasts a large enough user base to entertain their requirement. Therefore, they do not need to share users from other platforms. Will Sony relent players all around to gather and compete together is a matter for the future. But presently, it seems unlikely.


Source: wccftech