Reported two years ago, Epic Games said that more than 78.3 million Fortnite players were active. The concurrent record for most players was 8.3 million. However, it was later broken when the Marshmello event happened, which boasted the numbers to 10.8 million.

I previously wrote about the Travis Scott event and the possibility of being big. People have nothing to do in quarantine, hence they are likely to play games. Fortnite has broken its record of 10.8 million players online.

The company reported that “Over 12.3 million concurrent players participated live in Travis Scott’s Astronomical, an all-time record,”

The numbers will increase, mainly because this was the first day and most people might be waiting for the second or third day. Epic Games decided that the event will happen on various timezones on the same dates. Hence there are three more events between April 24 and April 25.

If you have missed the event, don’t worry, here is the time and date.

  • April 23 – The Americas – 7PM EDT
  • April 24 – EU & ME – 10AM EDT
  • April 25 – Asia & Oceania – 12AM EDT
  • April 25 – EU & ME – 11AM EDT
  • April 25 – The Americas – 6PM EDT

Social Media has driven huge traffic to Fortnite, that’s for sure. Astronomical in-game highlights and related streamers will drive more traffic to the game in upcoming events. To be honest, I expected more numbers because Marshmello had 10.8 million in-game. Relatively, I expected more because of the Coronavirus situation.


Lastly, If you want to join future events. Make sure you join the game 30 minutes before, as Epic Games will reserve your slot. Any late comers won’t be allowed to join the event.

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