Last time on PGRepublic, we listed Top 5 Battle Royale games as of 2018 and Fortnite Battle Royale was the game to secure down the number 1 place on that list and at this time around, when Golden Joystick Awards pick their favorite game of the year which is one of the most valuable awards in the game industry, with people across different platforms, age group, region to allowed to vote, Fortnite has won Game of the Year award at 36th Golden Joystick awards. Fortnite was released in early 2017, and with 40 million players every month, it still remains to rule the game industry.

Along with tremendous 8.3 million concurrent players, Fortnite also had 78 million recorded players in one month and it’s easy to see why Fortnite won the competition over other mainstream games.

Fortnite also arose the past of originals games that inspired Fornite’s battle royale mode. However, it’s still an exciting and surprising win over games like ‘God of War’, ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ etc.

Did fortnite deserve the win though? In my opinion, fortnite did deserve the Golden Joystick’s 36th Game of the year award because of the work put in the game by the amazing developers and how well it was managed.

This is a part of the clip when Fortnite won the 36th Golden Joystick’s award.


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