A major new Battle Royale update has been released by Epic Games, the season 4 update for Fortnite. Recent days there have been some smaller meteors crashing down, but the much-anticipated impact of the larger meteor that has been lingering in the sky has finally taken place. As a result, the game’s map has been remade and improved significantly, with several changes being made and several new areas have been added to the existing maps. There are seven more map secrets included in this update.

Many players were expecting that Tilted Towers will be destroyed by the meteor when it will finally hit. Epic Games did have fun with these kind of theories, but the meteor crashed somewhere else–specifically, somewhere in part of Dusty Depot. As a result, now there’s a huge crater which took out one of the three warehouses that used to reside there and the area has been renamed to Dusty Divot.



Dusty Divot isn’t just a big hole in the map, it’s more than just that. A piece of the comet that crashed is stuck in the ground and around it, the military has seemingly set up a base to examine it and to keep people out. Of course, it’s really easy to make it over the barbed wire fence and not only because you can build a ramp. Some small pieces of the comet called Hop Rocks have been scattered around the neighboring area and if you pick one up and crush it in your hand, you temporarily defy gravity. This allows you to jump higher and slower than normal.

Somewhere on the map, a drive-in theater called Risky Reels as seen in the season 4 update trailer has been added to the map as well. There are some new elements in the existing areas as well, like comet impacts spread across the map and Anarchy Acres.

You can check out Dusty Divot in the video above if you want to, but there’s much more going in the season 4 update than just some changes to the maps. Season 4 is also bringing some new challenges and rewards that you can earn. The crossbow is temporarily inaccessible in the game. Some adjustments have been made to how headshots work and now you can destroy stuff in the starting island.