The growing fever of Battle Royale has hit the majority of gaming companies, and today Microsoft was the victim. Previously, we saw that Battle Royale attached to any game would make sense, and yes it did. CS-GO tried it, which in my opinion was the last game, that suited Battle Royale, yet it was successful.

Forza Horizon 4 has also got Battle Royale mode which is set to release tomorrow. The mode is called Eliminator, which will feature 72 players racing in a Battle Royale. Players will start with a Mini Cooper in a random part of the map. Note, that The Eliminator will feature all map, so you can expect spawns anywhere. The reason why it’ll feature a full map is that the game wanted to include various terrains where map knowledge will be an important factor. Additionally, players will look for upgrades, which will be marked by a cloud of smoke on the field, and going through it will upgrade your car.

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Apart from this, players can also challenge each other for a race. The winner will get a point, and the loser will be eliminated. Furthermore, if you beat your opponent, you can pick an upgrade, or switch to his vehicle. Finally, when the field is narrowed down to ten, there will be a final point, and whoever reaches their first will win.

Additionally, The Battle Royale update is completely free. It’ll be released on December 12 on PC and Xbox One.