Playground Games, the developer of Forza Horizon 4 gave a lot of information about their new open-world racer through a series of weekly live streams over the past month. Each live stream covered some aspects of the game, the first live stream was about summer, houses, and character customization, the second live stream was about autumn and the game’s Forzathon challenges, and the third live stream was about winter and car mastery. Now, the fourth and final live stream of Forza Horizon 4 lets us take a look at spring, Edinburgh, the game’s main urban environment, Team Adventures, and more. Watch the full live stream below.




The main urban environment for the Forza Horizon 4 will be the Scottish capital of Edinburgh. Playground Games explained that they opted for Edinburgh because it was more manageable size than, for example, London, and also its old, winding roads have more unique driving opportunities. Edinburgh will be hosting a variety of night-based street races, which will also be showing off some of the Forza Horizon 4’s lighting features that are exclusive to the Xbox One X.


This image shows the map of Forza Horizon 4 spring season.


Team Adventure

As the name suggests, Team Adventure is a new team-based of the Online Adventures from the Forza Horizon 3. In this game mode, there will be two teams having six players in each team, both teams will battle against each other in up to five events, the first team to win three events will be the victors. Apart from the standard and Freeroam rush races, Playground games demoed their new Survival mode, in which two teams will take on the roles of zombies and survivors. A zombie car has to crash into a survivor car to infect them, but the survivors can heal themselves by crashing into a teammate. It seems like a lot of fun.

Forza Horizon 4 will be releasing on Xbox One and PC on October 2. Stay tuned for more!