A few months ago, I wrote about the Cyberpunk and Nvidia collaboration. The two kept talking about an upcoming limited Nvidia card that will feature a Cyberpunk theme. Well, there were a lot of rumour regarding the card, wether it’ll be something new or old gen card with the changed theme.

Free 2x Cyberpunk 2077 Nvidia RTX 2080 TI cards
The card was confirmed as RTX 2080 Ti and it was not purchasable for everyone. It was given away by Nvidia on Twitter, and less than 200 winners were picked, out of 130,000 entries. Furthermore, people thought it would be impossible to buy it. Well, you can buy it but it’ll cost you a fortune.
Cyberpunk 2077 Nvidia RTX

Many people who received these limited edition Cyberpunk 2077 Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti cards are now selling them for up to $4500. Various cards are being sold in the US for around $4,300. Similarly, in the UK prices are more than £5,000.

Giving everyone a pair
The most ridiculous thing Nvidia managed to do was giving a pair of cards to each person. Anyone who as part of winners giveaway list, had won two cards not one. Its likely winners are keeping one and selling the other. Some are selling both of them, and they can potentially get more than $8000. This is like selling a Ferrari 250 GTO of Graphics Cards.
Cyberpunk 2077 Nvidia RTX

Furthermore, the usual price for a RTX 2080 Ti card is averaged at $1200. Founder editions are being sold at $1100, and aftermarket ones start from $1300, like the MSI Gaming X Trio.

Lastly, some buyers also unboxed the graphics cards, and shared their rigs to Nvidia on Twitter. Here is one of the lucky winner

No critiques on those selling it, however, the price is very outrageous. I know its rare and someone would like to buy it, but it is like taking advantage of someone who cannot get it. Similarly, these cards are rarity and they will be for a time being.

Unlike the reference to the Ferrari 250 GTO, I don’t think PC Builders would buy an RTX 2080 Ti two years from now. Most people care about performance, and once cards get older, nobody cares about it.

We have seen some incredibly beautiful cards and rarities in the past, and its worth noting those are not even relevant anymore.

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