FSP: A Global Leading Power Supply Maker.

FSP was founded in 1993 and is ranked as one of the world’s leading power supply manufacturers. With more than 400 professionals on its R&D tech team and a production capacity that complements a complete product line, FSP is well positioned to solve the various power supply needs of consumers. FSP has produced more than 460 models with 80 PLUS certification. Among all manufacturers, FSP is the world’s top holder of 80 PLUS certifications. The best-in-class environmentally friendly and high-quality power products offer consumers a means to enjoy technology while minimizing the impact on the environment.

FSP Announces New Distributor And Brand New Products In Pakistan

The worldwide leader in high-performance power supply unit manufacturer-FSP group is pleased to share an important news of 2018 for the Pakistani enthusiasts.

In order to provide end users and dealers instant and reliable service, FSP is partnering with Shing Distribution Systems, Pakistan, this year. “We’re excited to work with Shing Distribution Systems, their professional channel management, and superior customer service provides end users a better expeiereFSPnce, and they will see a different FSP in Pakistan soon.” said, Gary Tong, senior sales manager, FSP.

Product Line Up

FSP brings full product lines of UPS, and brand new PC case, cooler, retail PSU and fan. “Gaming is booming faster and faster, especially in Pakistan market, we know garners are seeking good hardware to help them get excellent performance,” said, Joey Cheng, senior product manager, FSP Group. “Pakistan is a high potential market and we choose here to be the debut to announce brand new product lines of PC case, cooler and fans, provide undefeatable quality PC periphery to gamers is what we’re always focusing.”

FSP’s reputation for breakthrough products, awareness of end-user needs, and substantial market consciousness has led to strong brand recognition and leadership in the enthusiast computing community. As FSP continues to strengthen its sales channel and customer service, the company’s complete lineup of innovative products will be more visible and readily available to new areas of the international markets.

All FSP Products will be available for sale from June 1st, 2018 at all Shing authorized dealers or resellers, Online Stores & Shing Point.

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