At Pak Gaming Republic, we are not only aiming to bring a new wave of never before seen eSports scenario in Pakistan but also the trend of PC Hardware, Peripherals, Games and other reviews. We have already set our foot on that field with our first review of Zotac GTX 1060 Mini & ThermalTake Level 10M Advanced. And today, we’re going to take a look at the G.Skill Sniper 16GB 2400MHz DDR3 memory kit.

G.Skill Sniper 4

G Skill Sniper is a black PCB, standard 240 pins DDR3 ram that’s using a black colored heat spreader with a design similar to that of a rifle. Also, at the top of the RAM, we have a design that looks to a gun sight, hence I guess G.Skill named it Sniper.

Company’s take on the ram:

Unleash your Inner Gamer! G.SKILL Sniper brings out the best in every gaming rig – choosing from 8GB up to 32GB capacity, fully loaded at dual, triple, and quad channels, fragging from 1333Mhz to 2400Mhz frequency, and charged at the ultra-low voltage of 1.25V. G.SKILL Sniper aims to deliver a customized package under killer specifications.

G.Skill Sniper Features:

Unique Heat Spreader Design

Exclusively designed with a Sniper Rifle heat spreader, gamers, and modding enthusiasts can rest easy at night knowing their gaming rig is well cooled and bragging rights are well protected. Ammo not included.

Solid Reliability and Ultra Gaming Performance

Rigorously tested with our in-house stress testing procedures, you can rest assured that your gaming rig can handle hour after hour of gaming sessions. Blast your way through kill zones, rack up your frag count, or explore dangerous territories and dungeons… keep your eyes on the screen, not on the hardware.

Intel XMP Support

All G.SKILL DDR3 memory come with the latest Intel XMP standard developed for Intel platform. It provides PC enthusiasts an entirely trouble-free overclocking experience to boost their Intel systems for extreme levels of performance while retaining system stability.

Lifetime Warranty

All G.SKILL memory products come with a lifetime warranty, and the G.SKILL technical team is always ready to provide consumers with complete technical support via online forums, telephone, and email.

G.Skill Sniper Unboxing:

G.Skill Sniper 3

So we get the G.skill sniper in an ordinary plastic container. The whole container is made up of transparent plastic with a cardboard paper placed in between. The RAM is clearly visible on the front. We also have the model name and branding and also compatibility list present at the top.

G.Skill Sniper 1

On the back of the box, we have a white sticker with the exact model number of the ram which also includes the frequency, capacity, CL timings and rated voltage. We also have the company contact information present at the back.

G.Skill Sniper 2

The container has a pressure lock at the top, once opened, the ram can be taken out of it. Along with the RAM, we also get a GSkill Sticker with the package.

Closer Look:

G.Skill Sniper 4

G.Skill Sniper 5

And that’s how the RAM look in close view. The black PCB is visible at the bottom while looking at the heat spreader we can tell that it has a design looking like a gun out of COD or Halo. We also have a sticker on the on the ram with Sniper and G.Skill written on it.

G.Skill Sniper 11

G.Skill Sniper 12

This is what the top of the RAM looks like. It has something looking similar to that of a firearm sight. So, I guess the name actually match with the product, sniper. Of course, you won’t be shooting the RAM at someone just for fun though 😀

G.Skill Sniper 14

G.Skill Sniper 17

The back of the RAM is pretty much identical to the front of it, except it has the same white sticker with its specification that was present at the back of the box.

G.Skill Sniper 19

G.Skill Sniper 18

This is a size comparison between the HyperX Savage, G.Skill Sniper, Avexir Blitz 1.1 and Avexir Raiden. The G.Skill Sniper is 42mm in height which is just 10mm higher than HyperX Savage at 32.8mm and 9mm shorter than Avexir Blitz 1.1 at 51mm. So in other words, you won’t have any trouble installing the RAMs along with CPU color if the CPU Cooler fan comes over the RAM slots.

G.Skill Sniper Specification:




Memory Type




Multi-Channel Kit


Tested Speed


Tested Voltage


Fans Inlcuded



42mm/1.65 inch


Life Time


Intel XMP (Extreme memory profile) Ready

The specific kit we have is F3-2400C11D-16GSR which is a 16GB kit running at 2400Mhz at C11-13-13-31-2N at 1.65v.

Test Rig


Intel i5 4690k 3.5GHz (4.4GHz OC)


Gigabyte GA Z97X Gaming 3


G.Skill Sniper 16GB 2400MHz


MSI R9 280X G3


Chieftec Nitro 85+ 1200W


1TB Seagate Baracuda 7200RPM


240GB PNY Optima

CPU Cooler

Reeven HANs


Open Air Test Bench


Windows 10 Pro


We are going to run the RAM through some tests like MaxxMem, Aida64 Extreme Memory and Cache test, 3DMark and some games at stock speed. Then we are going to check the RAM’s overclocking sweet spot by increasing the multiplier and voltage and playing with timings. And once we’ve found the true sweet spot for overclocking, we’ll run the same tests against the stock and compare them.


There are few things that need to be known about the test rig we have. The particular board we have, it doesn’t allow us to change the DIMM voltage by +-0.01 (i.e., 1.65v to 1.66v), instead it only allows us to change the DIMM voltage by +- 0.02 (1.64v to 1.66v) so instead of running the RAMs on its rated volt of 1.65V, we were running the RAMs on 1.66v.

G.Skill Sniper Benchmarks:


Max Lat

Coming down to the actual performance of the RAM, we first have a comparison between the Gskill and 3 other RAMs in the MaxxMem memory test. As you can see from the results, the G.Skill Sniper falls between the Avexir Blitz which is at 2400MHz at CL10 timings and Avexir Raiden at 2133MHz at C9 timing. Considering the fact that the Avexir Blitz is at Cl10 and Avexir Raiden at C9, the G.Skill Sniper performed well when coming down to latency.

Max Speed

Coming down to read/write speed, once again we have the G.Skill Sniper between the 2400MHz Avexir and other two rams at 2133MHz. The G.Skill Sniper isn’t that far behind in the read speed, but coming down to the write speed, it seems to be lacking behind the Raiden at 2133MHz CL9.

Aida64 Extreme Edition:

Aida ms

Somewhat similar situation her in the Aida64 Extreme Cache and memory benchmark test. The G.Skill Sniper is behind the Blitz by 1.2ns and ahead of the Raiden by 0.9ns.

Aida Speed

Coming down to read/write speed of the ram, the Sniper scores 33314MB/s copy, 37429MB/s Write and 344521MB/s in read speed. Compared to the Blitz 1.1 it doesn’t seem to be lacking much behind here and seems to have a good led ahead of the Raiden behind it.

PassMark Performance Test 8:


Visible from the graph, the G.Skill Sniper isn’t that behind the blitz 1.1 in the score while having a good lead in the threaded sector over the other two 2133Mhz ram.

Super Pi Mode 1.5:


This is a great example of complex computing as it computes the value of Pi to a certain number of digits. The following is the result of finding the value of pi to 32million digits. The Blitz 1.1 seems to be heaps ahead of the G.Skill Sniper, but it’s still ahead of the other 2 2133MHz rams.



In WinRAR benchmark once again, the Blitz 1.1 seems to be out of the league while the G.Skill Sniper has fallen somewhat behind the Raiden 9KB/s, the difference isn’t much, though.

FutureMark 3DMark – Firestrike


Here, the score that you should be interested in is the Physics score as the graphics score is based on the GPU performance. And in physics, the G.Skill Sniper has performed well, just behind the Blitz 1.1 by 2 points.

Bioshock Infinite


The similar minimal and average FPS of the game speaks for themselves as the RAMs don’t have a major impact on the performance. The RAM here is just being used as the temporary storage of the game’s in-use file. The graph was just a way of demonstration impact


The G.Skill Sniper is having a heat spreader themed around rifle actually looks really attractive in hand, though once in the system, you might not get to see the beauty of it if there’s not much light passing through as it’s offered in only black color. The heat spreader being only 42mm tall is a good fit for most of the aftermarket coolers out there. Some might say the RAM would’ve been better off without the firearm sight kinda thingy at the top, well too each their own, but removing those could’ve benefited the RAM in decreasing the size.

Coming down to the performance of G.Skill Sniper, in most of the benchmark, we have the G.Skill Sniper ahead of the Raiden by a good enough margin while lagging behind the Avexir Blitz 1.1 which I consider to be a beast of a RAM with great overclocking headroom, just by a few points. Talking about the overclocking performance of the Sniper, that was pretty much expected as the RAM is already running on 2400MHz at the C11 timing. We could’ve achieved a higher clock rate by increasing the voltage but going beyond the barrier of 1.7v for 24/7 use would’ve been dangerous for the RAM. In the end, it all comes down to the price, and when you compare the prices of both the Avexir Blitz and G.Skill Sniper, you came to an easy conclusion that the price/ratio of G.Skill Sniper is better than the Avexir when comparing the stock speed. And so, I would like to award the G.Skill Sniper the Gold and Recommended Award.

The G.Skill Sniper is available for PKR 10,699 on

International Readers can find the RAM here: