Epic Games Store & Steam continue their fast-growing rivalry. Steam has been in the game store business for past few decades, unlike Epic Games Store who appeared very recently. The store went on to gain a lot of popularity in a short time because of Fortnite, which had one in a generation success. The game grew very rapidly, and now its easily included in the top 5 popular games.

Epic Games offers much better rates to their publishers, unlike Steam who offer a bit low. Despite being offered better rates on Epic Games, publishers still go to Steam because its more popular. Gabe Newell, founder of Valve and Steam told GamesRadar that this competition is beneficial for everyone.

Gabe Newell

“Competition in game stores is awesome for everybody. It keeps us honest, it keeps everybody else honest,” Newell said. “But it’s ugly in the short term. You’re like, ‘Argh, they’re yelling, they’re making us look bad.’ But in the long term, everybody benefits from the discipline and the thoughtfulness it means you have to have about your business by having people come in and challenge you.”

His comments give us an insight that Steam is taking Epic Games progress pretty seriously. Newell also refers to the criticism they get after Epic Games does something better for consumers. Overall his conclusion is pretty neat because this rivalry can develop good progress between the two stores.

Gabe Newell

In an additional comment, he also refers to the restrictions by Apple. Newell refers to the approach by Steam, which is offering unrestricted access to developers. On the other hand, there are companies that are not allowing benefits to others, basically being selfish. His remarks also go to the Epic Games Store, which is allowing specific things.

“We get a lot more freaked out not by competition, but by people trying to preclude competition,” Newell continues, “If you ask us which is scarier, it’s people falling in love with Apple’s model of controlling everything and having faceless bureaucrats who get to keep your product from entering the market if they don’t want it to, or designing a store in a way that minimises software’s value-add to experience and stuff like that.” 

Gabe Newell

Despite Epic Games achieving 100 million users’ achievement. Steam still had a wonderful 2019. They launched Steam Remote Play and Remote Play Together. Afterward, they also released a newer Steam Library and along created Steam Labs, which offered more features to developers. The game store also saw 20 million players last week and broke its record of 19 million players in just a few weeks. Valve also reported that more than 21 billion hours were spent by Steam users in 2019 alone.

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