Video games are difficult to get on promotional prices and when it comes to video games deals, Amazon is eccentric. Amazon doesn’t run daily or weekly game sales/deals like other retailers do. Alternatively, Amazon’s games pricing relies on other places like GameStop and BestBuy. Sighting sales on various types of games on Amazon can be a difficult process. But as of right now, following are the best deals available on video games at Amazon.

PS4-exclusive games on sale at Amazon

PS4 gamers can find Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition on sale for $40. It comes with the full game and the Frozen wilds expansion as well. If you’d rather hunt behemoths in a an unproductive wasteland, Shadow of the Colossus is for you, and it’s on sale for $30.

The squad-based brawler Steelbook Brawler Edition of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is available on Amazon as well for only $35. PlayStation VR headset owners might want to grab The Inpatient for $20. A game developed by Until Dawn with a genre of “Horror” in just $20 seems like a good bargain.

Xbox One-exclusive games on sale at Amazon

In the case of Xbox there aren’t many notable sales on Amazon right now, but still, Amazon has a few available at a reasonable discount. If you’re a fan of pirate shared-world games then definitely look out for Sea of Thieves for $55. The best exclusive of the Xbox and the greatest racing game of the history Forza Horizon 3 is available just for $39 while the more realistic and professional themed Forza Motorsport 7 for $43.

Some worth mentioning multi-platform games I found during my search for discounted games are as follows:

We will be updating this article if we find any more eye-catching sales of games on Amazon.