Ubisoft has just announced that they will be giveaway free copies of Watch Dogs 2. The copies are for PC players only, and they are required to watch Ubisoft’s weekend event. The event can be watched from the Ubisoft site, and players must log in to their Uplay account before they can claim a free copy.

The event is scheduled for Sunday, July 12 at 12pm PT/3 pm ET/8 pm BST/9 pm CEST. Ubisoft has promised to reveal a lot of games during the event. Most importantly, we know that Watch Dogs Legion is also going to be revealed. The game is rumored to have its gameplay played on newer consoles.

Apart from that, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will also get more gameplays. The next Assassin’s Creed game was supposed to have its gameplay played during Xbox’s Show, but it did not happen. Instead, Microsoft decided to show many more cinematic trailers. In the same vein, the recently revealed Ubisoft’s next-gen battle royale game Hyperscape will also get more gameplays and stuff.

Most recently, we heard that Breaking Bad’s infamous villain Guss Fring is making his way to Far Cry 6. The report was circled around a leak, that had referred to Giancarlo Esposito’s own words, that he is working on a game with Ubisoft. The report was then further supported by a Ubisoft announcement, that they will be releasing a new triple-A game in current fiscal year ending in March 2021.

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