Today is a very lucky day because usually, discounts are very much less likely to appear on some specific gaming products and especially when it comes to Xbox Controllers.

Today Walmart and Amazon both are having a 20$ discount for the Microsoft’s Xbox One Wireless Controller for console and Windows 10 making it a steal deal at just $39.99 and around 20$ off of its original price, which to be honest never fluctuates and stays still at $59.99

Improved beyond the version that was first launched with the Xbox One, this updated controller features a 3.5mm headphone jack for separate listening and chatting, as well as Bluetooth functionality for operability with Windows 10 PCs. If your PC doesn’t have Bluetooth or if you just want a wired connection that won’t empty the controller’s AA batteries, this model carries a Micro USB cable that enables for immediate plug-and-play recognition. If you’re alright with paying a bit more, Amazon also has the controller bundled with Microsoft’s new wireless adapter for $54.99, that is $25 off of its usual price.

However, this one still relies on fast-draining AA batteries instead of opting for the rechargeable route, so it remains to be a spine in the side of a contrarily great gamepad. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get yourself a great game controller at a steal price.