Previously, we heard about Ghost of Tsushima’s incredible record, that literally blow everyone away. Well today, the game has gotten another record, as it now achieves the second-most lifetime sales for PS4 first-party game in Japan.

Well, I said it before and I’ll say it again. The game had a stock shortage in Japan a couple of weeks ago, and I wasn’t surprised. I mean this game is based in Japan, and that too in a crucial time when it was invaded by Mongols. Ghost of Tsushima’s story where Jin becomes the hero saving the invasion is literally the best hero like a story, you can imagine for Japanese People.

Anyhow, the news was first shared by very popular games industry analyst Benji-Sales on Twitter. According to him…

After only 3 weeks of sales Ghost of Tsushima is already the 2nd best selling game LIFETIME for a PlayStation 1st party studio in Japan on PS4

#1 is Spider-Man, however at roughly 300k physical sales GoT isn’t far behind and will surpass it in the coming weeks

According to Benji, Knack which is above Ghost of Tsushima in sales never was sold alone. Benji says that the game was bundled with PS4 at launch. “I don’t personally include the game ranking when PS4 Performances for Software in Japan” He explained on twitter saying its sales are massively inflated.

Ghost of Tsushima’s Story for those looking to buy this game.

Ghost of Tsushima starts with Jin Sakai, who is the last samurai remaining. His clan was killed by Mongols who had many superior guns. Jin has realized that there is no way he can defeat the Mongols with Swords. Therefore, he will now take revenge through the Ghost way. The game set in Japan has iconic temples, forests, animals, and so much of nature is involved. Along with that, things like Meditation and following the air are also part of the game. Ghost of Tsushima is apparently the last true PS4 exclusive to be released. Sony will now shift its focus to the upcoming PlayStation 5.