More Ghost of Tsushima News, as the game continues breaking the record. This time, the game has gotten a new update in which Sony reveals it is now the fastest-selling PS4 first-party title ever. According to Sony, 2.4 Million Ghost of Tsushima Units were sold worldwide. This is pretty impressive, considering we are only talking about 3 days.

Apart from that, the game is already struggling with physical copies in Japan. Sony has told consumers that while they face stock shortages, players should definitely go for Digital Codes. Its no surprise, considering the game is actually based in Japan. Sucker Punch should really be proud of their achievement. This game really deserved it, and I became big of it when I first saw its mind-blowing 4K Gameplay Trailer.

If you don’t know, Ghost of Tsushima starts with Jin Sakai, who is the last samurai remaining. His clan was killed by Mongols who had many superior guns. Jin has realized that there is no way he can defeat the Mongols with Swords. Therefore, he will now take revenge through the Ghost way. The game set in Japan has iconic temples, forests, animals, and so much of nature is involved. Along with that, things like Meditation and following the air are also part of the game. Ghost of Tsushima is apparently the last true PS4 exclusive to be released. Sony will now shift its focus to the upcoming PlayStation 5.

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