Ghost of Tsushima is one of the most anticipated games of this year. The game is being developed by Sucker Punch Productions, who are known for their works with Infamous games. The game was first revealed during Sony’s Paris Game Week press conference. Afterward, a demo was played during E3 2018, after which it became the center of attention.

On March 5, 2020, a story trailer was featured that further showed Ghost of Tsushima in depth. Starting off with gameplay, Ghost of Tsushima story revolves around the First Mongol Invasion of Japan in the 1270s. The game only has a third-person mode, and it is very similar to Witcher 3 or Assassin’s Creed games you could say. Since it is based in 1270, there aren’t vehicles or anything. Most of the time you will be riding in a horse and discovering the amazing land of Japan.

The game has bows, arrows, and spears. The combat is very realistic and samurai related. One blow to the head or body kills a person. Combat I’d say is really fast, and it is very graphical as well. Moreover, Ghost of Tsushima gameplay is open world, there are a lot of shrines, mountainscapes, landmarks, fields, legends, and iconic Japanese Forests.

Ghost of Tsushima Story, Release Date, and Trailer

Team of Sucker Punch Productions lined up a huge Japanese cast to assure that the game inherits the right culture. Mongols have invaded the land, and Ghost of Tsushima protagonist Jin Sakai is the last samurai to save it. The story covers Jin’s ancestors, and him adopting new ways to defeat the Mongol Empire. The new ways include being a ghost, which is one of the two ways you can choose to fight.

Game director Nate Fox said: “This is a game that is entirely grounded in reality.” “We’re trying hard to transport people to 1274 Japan. We’re inspired by history, but we’re not building it back stone by stone. We’re not trying to rebuild Tsushima island. Our protagonist is a work of fiction. We actually thought about using some historical figures, and we asked some people who are more culturally aware than us and they said that it would be insensitive, so we didn’t do it.

Yes, you heard it right, the game is not 100% Historically correct. However, the Mongol Invasion and places are authentic to a far extent. Furthermore, Ghost of Tsushima has two versions. One is Japanese and the other is English. The Japanese version has Kazuya Nakai as the voice actor for the protagonist. If you don’t know who Kazuya Nakai is, Kazuya has appeared in a lot of Japanese shows. The most notable works include voice actors in One Piece and Samurai Champloo.

Ghost of Tsushima is set to release this year on PlayStation 4. It’ll be the last PlayStation 4 exclusive. No Confirmation from Sony about weather Ghost of Tsushima will join PlayStation 5 has been confirmed. However, it is very likely. The game was delayed due to COVID-19, and now it is scheduled to release on July 17, 2020.

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