Last month Ubisoft discussed how their new game has issues, and they intend to fix it. They talked about the similarities between both Wildlands and Breakpoint. Furthermore, Ubisoft also promised that the project Titan is underway and it’ll bring the first-ever co-op Raid.

[News] Project Titan - lava

Project Titan is here, and it is quite exciting. The co-op raid will push players to their best in order to take down the most advanced Skell drones on enemy territory. The missions is described as a faction of Wolves, call the Red Wolves have taken over Golem Island. It was built for the purpose of a military research unit, who were specializing to make experimental drones.

[News] Project Titan - wolves

Their research was very secure, and here comes your object. Players will receive Intel about four major drones being developed and finalized. You will have to find these drones and destroy them before they are being finalized. During this mission, players will face challenges from AI, that works with Golem Island.

The event also has some requirements. Players with a minimum of 150 Gear Scores can participate. Additionally, you must have squad of four players to start the Raid. People who are unable to find four friends can also find other people from Public Matchmaking. “Keep in mind that communication is key to success. In order to avoid frustration, we strongly recommend that you have a mic activated to talk with your teammates”.

Ubisoft also posted some Tips on How to Beat Project Titan

Project Titan is designed to be an exciting, demanding challenge for experienced Ghost Recon players. Here are the biggest factors that will lead to your victory:

  • Strategic communication: Communication is absolutely essential in facing your opponents on Golem Island, as is your ability to successfully coordinate with the other Ghosts in your squad.
  • Environmental adaptation: Each of the bosses in the raid will introduce new gameplay mechanics that will require precision and teamwork to overcome.
  • Plan together: Rushing in without a plan will get you and your squad taken down. You will need to observe, learn, and adapt – don’t expect to beat the Golem Island drones on your first try.
[News] Project Titan - infiltration

Apart from this, players will also receive a number of rewards from raid loot poll, which include weapons, gear, customization, and items. The event is set to launch at 8 pm UTC on November 28. There are a lot of weapons and class plans, you can read the full blog here.

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