Yes, as perplexing as it sounds, it is true. This disparate information from Gigabyte has been found initially through the courtesy of a motherboard reviewer on Reddit Ays301 and a tech Youtuber Buildzoid. Gigabyte has been claiming its AM4 motherboards’ power delivery to be providing an 8+3 phase VRM, while on the contrary, after an investigation of the line up of the AM4 motherboard it was found out that some of the lineups were offering only half the phases (4 phases instead of 8) of initially indicated phases for this motherboard. Similarly, Gigabyte has been advertising an 8+3 phase VRM for B450 Aorus Pro, B450 Aorus M, X470 Ultra Gaming and, interestingly, none of these features 8 phases. Especially, the B450 motherboards don’t even come up with the least of materials and components required to run on 8 phases, rather they should be categorized under 4 phased motherboards.

Now if we dive a little deeper into the mechanics, you must know that the motherboards’ VRM is responsible for feeding your CPU with stepped down voltage in order for it to function properly without frying on 12V. Now, the key electrical components needed for a proper build up of a motherboard are high side MOSFETs, low side MOSFETs, and inductors. Now, a single phase is comprised of a high-side MOSFET, a low-side MOSFET, and an inductor, a simple add up of these units to conceive an 8 phased motherboard. So, where did Gigabyte exactly failed in manufacture? The answer is ”not enough high-side MOSFETs to encompass the 8 phased performance”. The Gigabyte450 boards are housing all the necessary components for a 4 phased VRM, and even have sufficient low-side MOSFETs and inductors for an 8 phase VRM.

On the other side, when we talk about the X470 boards by Gigabyte, they indeed have the components required for 8+3 phase performance. But the VRM wiring and the manner in which they receive PWM signal which causes them to run in parallel fashion acting as a bulky four phase VRM overall.

Still, you can enjoy the four phase VRM performance by the motherboard as they have all the necessary components for it. Gigabyte just has to resolve the misleading information regarding its 8 phase VRM from their marketing. Fortunately, after some persuasion and investigation Gigabyte has agreed to remove the false specs of 8+3 from its marketing material. There is no information regarding the recompensation for users who purchased the motherboards under the understanding they would get an 8+3 phase VRM. You may still notice the false inscriptions on some sites, but Gigabyte has announced they will update the false information.