Gigabyte is all set to enter PC memory market with their own RGB RAM kits. At Computex next week their 3200MHz available in 2x8GB RAM kits are to be announced. The RAMs have evolved in the last few years and so have the RGB memory kits. The manufacturers are trying to create such RAMs that would attract potential customers by creating fancier lighting effects such as RGB in the RAMs.

The existing RGB software has some compatibility problems with those kits. The RGB technology of ASUS, MSI, and Gigabyte is compatible with only some of the RAM kits, while some of them rely on their own RGB program. The AORUS RAM kit will provide full compatibility with AORUS motherboard via RGB Fusion technology. This does solve one problem but on the other hand, it locks you to one manufacturer, in case if you want to get a motherboard from some other manufacturer.


This image shows the AORUS RGB memory kits.


The question still remains, can’t we get an open-source RGB standard? As it will solve many problems. Soon we will be able to get more information about the Gigabyte AORUS RGB memory. Stay tuned for more!