Many Google apps currently feature dark themes prior to system-level support in robot alphabetic character. In recent weeks, additional and additional G Suite services are updated, with the most recent dark theme partly board Gmail for robot. Version 2019.06.09 of Gmail wide unrolled yesterday with the first stages of a dark mode. If “Dark Theme” in robot alphabetic character or “Night mode” in Developer options” on Pie is enabled, gap “Settings” from all-time low of the navigation drawer can reveal the first stages of a darker look.


Visually, it’s not usable however, with black text displayed on a grey background, whereas the “Settings” title doesn’t seem within the app bar. That bug is additionally gift in “General settings” and account pages, however, the list of choices is clear. Preference titles use a darker shade of grey, whereas descriptions are slightly brighter. Check boxes are tinted to a darker shade of blue. The overflow menu on this page gets an analogous treatment.

This is presently the extent of dark theme in Gmail settings. It’s still buggy, with an in depth of the applying from Recent sometimes needed to look at the dark mode. The main inbox read, account whipper, and emails have however to be themed. It’s not clear however Google can handle messages since newsletters and different correspondences are usually image-heavy and have white backgrounds that can’t be simply modified. This can be an analogous perplexity to Gmail on the desktop internet wherever teeming is out there for the final UI, however not for message bodies.

Overall, the dark theme for Gmail settings is comparable to Google Keep’s, that simply unrolled last month. There’ll presumptively be a preference to alter manually, with Gmail seemingly conjointly respecting device preferences. Like Google Calendar and Drive, this can be an awfully welcome addition.

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