GOG and CD Projekt Red aim to bring every platform together, they’ve announced that their new client GOG Galaxy 2.0 is going to have a lot of new features. The perceived problem that many people in all the platforms have nowadays is that there are so many games across different launchers and having friends in them gets problematic, so GOG thought that the best way to tackle this problem is to have a new client/launcher which will bring everyone together.

GOG Galaxy

GOG Galaxy claims and promises to import all your games from PC and consoles, store them into one single collection. It will keep track of all your achievements, progress, hours played, and owned games combined across platforms. Moreover, you can install and launch any game you own from one single launcher, no matter the platform. You can also fully customize your library by filtering, sorting, tagging, and add backgrounds and covers.

Also, you can check what your friends are up to and chat with them across the platforms. They say to have a leaderboard system in which you can compete with your friends and see who spends the most time playing or who is the master collector in achievements.

They also claim that their client/launcher is designed to protect your privacy, which means that they will not spy on data from your computer, no data sharing with third parties, you can remove your imported data from their servers.

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