Refund policies all over the world are very important. We look at different brands, organizations, and stores offering different sorts of policies. The user always appreciates more time is given, during which he can return the item. GOG has acknowledged this perception, and now they will be offering refunds within 30 days.

Before this update, GOG was pretty strict about their refund policy. If players bought the game and downloaded it, the return policy ended. Players could only refund if they did not download the game. Suppose, you are not impressed with the game after playing for one hour. GOG wouldn’t have granted a refund.

GOG new policy will allow users to download the game and play it for as long as they want. If they wanted to refund before 30 days given time, they could always get 100% refund. GOG is not sure about their current new policy, because it can be abused. Everyone can buy a game, and end it before 30 days, and get their money back. They are yet to test their new update, and notice players behaviour. You can log-in to your GOG account and try this policy.

“We’re monitoring the effects of the current update to make sure no one is using this policy to hurt the developers that put their time and heart into making great games,” the FAQ reads. “We may refuse refunds in such individual cases. We’d also let you know about any future adjustments in the voluntary Refund Policy in advance.”

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