Google’s current flagship smartphones Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL were launched a few weeks ago and with that Google guaranteed that it will implement three important Android updates for these devices that means the pixel series will perceive the Android Q, Android R and also the Android S as well, which is an amazing level of software support and till now only Apple was the one to allow such a long-term software support for their smartphones.

Accompanying with the three brand-new versions of Android, three years of security updates are also compressed in this bundle. So, till 2021 you’re incorporated by Google if you get the latest Pixel 3 series of smartphones. This might also pressurize other Android OEMs to extend updates to at least 2 years if not three, but soon by the end of 2019 we could see some Android OEMs promise three years of Android updates.

The brand-new Pixel 3 boasts a 1080p+ 5.5-inch P-OLED panel, while beneath the hood we have the corresponding Snapdragon 845 as expected with Adreno 630 and 4GB RAM, keeping the lights on 2915 mAh. A twin front camera setup for better selfies in all lighting conditions with 8MP and f1.8 aperture while the rear is a single sensor 12MP at f1.8 aperture. The Pixel 3 is priced at $799 (USD), and indeed with three years of Update it’s still hard to justify it, at that price, but if you care for updates and if you love taking good pictures from a phone then the Pixel 3 might be right for you.